Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fall in Love with Red this Valentines Day ...

Fall in love with Red this Valentine's Day. Create a look that goes from day to night with little work in between. Who doesn't love to stand out from the crowd, be noticed and to look and feel amazing. Here I am going to show you how to create a look that will take you from day to night this Valentine's Day.

How to create a day look

  • First make sure you moisturize your skin and protect your skin with an SPF
  • Add a small amount of primer to the skin and blend all over the face.
  • Choose a foundation that matches your neck/chest colour and apply with a brush ensuring that it is blended well in to the face and neck. Add concealer if needed to the eye lids /under the eye or to any problem areas.
  • Apply translucent powder all over the face to set the foundation and concealer
  • Next ensure that your brows are combed and there is no product stuck in the hair. Then brush your brows in to shape. By using an angled brush use a brow powder or eye shadow and fill in any gaps, or fill out the brow to get a fuller look. I find the Christian eyebrow set amazing.
  • Next add a neutral eyeshadow to the eye lid, blending it in to the crease of the eye.
  • Add eye liner to the top of the eye lash, getting as close to the root as you can. You can choose to have a flick at the end of the eye, or keep it subtle and follow the shape of your eye. You can also apply to the bottom if you wish. I personally prefer for a day look to go lighter underneath and just apply mascara.
  • Next add mascara to both upper and lower lashes ensuring that there are no clumps at the end of your lashes.
  • Using a bronzer will shade areas of your face, apply to the temple, forehead or any areas you want to shade.
  • Using a more natural tone blusher, apply to the apples of the cheek lightly working towards your temples.
  • Using a highlighter, highlight any features you want more emphasis on. I always highlight the apples of my cheek, along the center of my nose and under my brow bone, this just highlights and gives a natural shimmer.
  • Choose a natural lip colour. I'm obsessed with coral this season and love a light coral colour. If you want more of a natural look just add a tinted gloss or even vaseline.

Going from Day to Night

Going from day to night is so easy and its super fast. All you have to do is retouch your powder if needed,add a little more blush also if needed and of course a daring colour to your lips. This could be red, pink, purple, orange what ever colour you desire. With the natural eye from the day look,you can have all the focus on that bursting lip colour. If you don't want a vibrant colour on your lip, then you can darken up your eye and have all the focus on your eyes. This is also very simple to do, all you need to do is add some liner to the bottom lashes and some more mascara to the top lashes if needed.

I just love playing around with colour, and I love changing my look  between day and night. The simplest thing, like adding a darker color to the lip can completely change the  way you look and feel. The best way to see what colour suits you is by playing around and by having fun. Make up should never be a chore, it should be fun, and it should make you feel great inside and out.
I hope I have inspired you to try out some different looks. If you have any questions on any of the products I have used or anything at all about these looks, please leave me a comment below. Until next time......

Stay Stylish- Stay Inspired- Stay true to you

Jennifer xx

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