Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Hidden Treasure in Five Ways Paddington......

"You have to love what you do. Or what's the point in doing it?". words you will read in the story of any successful entrepreneur. Except I'm not reading a biography, I'm standing in one of Sydney's hidden little gems, BrasilwearBiz-Paddington, on Goodhope Street in Paddington. The person telling me this is the stores owner, the delightful and passionate Indie. You know from the moment you walk in and the warm welcome you get, that the shopping experience is going to be more than good. You'll remember what it is like to go to a store where the owner is passionate not just about their product, but about ensuring you get what it is that you're looking for and in a style and size that not only fits, but flatters you.  

Indie opened the BrasilwearBiz store 5 years ago and has catered to women of every size shape and form since. And if my experience today was anything to go by, the women who leave that store after visiting, are happier than when they walked in. 

So what is the range? in a nut shell, leisurewear. Define Leisurewear? most people think of clothes you wear to the gym. That would be doing Indie's designs a dis-service. Her range is as versatile as it is varied. Oh and did I mention how comfortable they are? I mean out of this world comfort, so much so that I'm wearing a pair of the 3/4 length's now writing this!

So whats the difference between Indie's range and other high street brands? Well for a start its a unique design. its also designed by a woman who understands women and the different sizes and shape we all come in. Everything is triple stitched ensuring that it could in all probability, outlast the person wearing it, and its made from Supplex material. Supplex is a material designed to breath and keep you dry during exercise and is also antibacterial, crease proof and durable. And as I said before possibly the most comfortable thing I have ever worn outside of my PJ's! The feel and touch of the range is soft and breathable, snug but in no way restrictive to movement.

So lets look at the range, today I tried on some cute outfits, and in blue which I don't normally go for but I fell in love with. 

I went for a blue crop top, and blue and black 3/4 lengths. I absolutely love this look, also you can add any of the vests,which I would going to the gym. What I love about these clothes are how they suit my body shape and how well they work on me.

Some more looks from the website which I love are the Jackets and crop tops. I always find it hard to get a good crop top or sports bra to fit and be comfortable. But today I found the most comfortable one ever.

I really did have such a great experience today, and am in LOVE with this brand. Ill never take these 3/4 lengths off..... If you would like to see more from this range and Brand do check out Indies website, . I have also attached a link to the website on to my blog page so you can click through from there. As an added incentive to all you whiteboard readers out there Indie has offered a 10% discount. Just like their page on facebook and mention the whiteboard when your purchasing to receive your discount. And for all my international readers, they ship worldwide. I really hope you enjoyed this post, and ladies really you all need to check out this store. You will never look at any other active wear again.

Until next time....

Stay Stylish - Stay Inspired- Stay true to you

Jennifer xx

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