Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beauty Review - ModelRock Lashes

Ladies if you love your fake eye lashes then you are going to love the range from Model Rock. I picked up so many of these lashes at the 'Spa and Beauty Expo'. The quality of the lashes and the styles are really great. You can have a natural look or you can opt for a dramatic lash.
I use these lashes every time I am going to an event just to add a more dramatic eye to my make up look.
So many celebrities wear fake lashes all the time, like Kim Kardashian her look is never complete until she has her lashes on. Fake Eye lashes just make your eyes bigger and make your eyes pop and stand out more.

For more information on ModelRock Lashes check out their website

Happy Shopping & Stay Stylish  

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  1. Hello,
    This above post is just wow and all these above displayed modelrock lashes are looking too natural and will give a modern look to your eye. Nice post. Thank you too much........